Life doesn't come with a manual

it comes with a mother 


Motherhood is the


thing and the 

hardest thing.

~Ricki Lake

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Life & Thoughts

 I always have a million ideas in my head but between working 50-60 hours a week, having a house full of kids, & an amazing husband a lot of my ideas get put on the back burner because ya know, life happens. Don’t get me wrong… life’s good but finding a good balance has been challenging for me. I'm learning to be gentle with myself & invest in what truly makes my soul smile. I mean as women we have to invest in what makes us  happy because if we’re not happy it will affect everything around us. This is my happy,  my happiness comes from a good DIY home project, creating amazing memories with my blended family (party of 7), traveling & a good work out!  My hope is that I can inspire, empower, & motivate at least one woman that's trying to balance having a career and taking care of a household. I look forward to sharing this journey.