So lets just get right to it. I knew I wanted to have a small dinner party at my home on the patio and that's exactly what I did.

Anytime I have anything it starts with me creating a photo album of inspiration photos. ALL My inspiration photos for my dinner party came from pinterest (per usual). I literally searched outdoor dinner party and instantly found pics to match the vibe I was going for. Super chill, super cute, good food, good drank, & good people.

The table:

It's really quite simple to create a bomb tablescape if you have the following essential items:

Fresh floral

Table linen (table cloth & napkins)


Plate chargers

Some sort of table runner (preferrably greenery)

wine glasses

Now it's time to plan

So I knew exactly what I wanted in my head but now I needed to bring it to life. Mentally I was preoccupied with finishing up Kyla's room. I really wanted to be pretty much finished with her room before i started another small project... but wait now my best friend is having a long weekend celebration for her b-day in Malibu a week before my birthday & I knew I needed to go. This year I should've been on 3 trips before her birthday but because of covid 0 trips, 2020 has been exhausting so I definitely needed this trip for my mental health. I needed a break. So I had to prepare for the trip ( yall want the blog for the trip or nah?) Anywho... in my mind I was going to start planning my birthday dinner as soon as I hit the plane.

So now that I was in Malibu, no work, kids or husband I was ready to work out the details.

I knew I needed to send invites out asap. I went on and found a cute free invitation that kinda sorta matched the vibe... it was simple, cute, straight to the point.... but most of all free!

Now that I have my invitation I needed to finalize my guest list. With covid I knew it wasn't going to be a bunch of people. Honestly I feel like dinner is extremely intimate, I knew I wanted the vibe to be natural..... nothing forced, no forced conversations just to avoid awkward silence, which normally happens when you put a bunch of people at a table that don't know each other.

My household is big and I definitely wanted my kids to enjoy the evening.

With my husband, myself, my 15,13 & 6 year old that's already 5 people 😩

Overall the guest list totaled 16 people.

I sent my invites out, my husband reached out to someone to prepare dinner, the menu we came up with was steak, shrimp, mac n cheese & a veggie

  • Ok so we have are invites sent

  • We have someone to prepare the food and we have a menu

The drinks were next. So important! 2020 has been hard. I needed everyone to be relaxed, feeling good and just ready to vibe.

I reached out to Sarina’s sip service! Because of my career i'm huge on customer service and professionalism and she was amazing.

We linked up to talk about the drinks and come up with a menu. I knew I wanted to have specific drinks for the menu. We came up with (one of my favs) lemon drop martini, side car (for my Henny loving friends) strawberry & peach patron margarita's ( for my patron loving family members) and a Shirley temple for my kiddos.

So now the hard part... color scheme. Since the dinner party was going to be outside the color scheme had to go with the color of my patio furniture, navy blue and white. Blue isn't a color that I would normally use so it was hard for me to visualize it.... I knew pink had to be one of the colors, something about the color pink, the perfect soft shade ( it makes my heart smile) I searched blue and pink dinner party decor and omg I found my inspiration! I found the picture!

Ok, so I needed the vases. The vases were going to give me my blue that I needed. (So i thought)

I figured id buy some dollar store vases, spray paint them white and use my cricut to make a navy blue stencil. Mind you its Monday, the dinner is Sunday & I had to work the whole week minus Friday.

We're having a party baby!

On Monday I went to millers party rentals and rented:

folding bar

Two 8ft tables

2 floor length table cloths the color was peach but it looked more like and ivory/ pinkish color

16 navy napkins

16 plate chargers (clear with gold trim)

4 glass pitchers

16 chiavary chairs

On Tuesday I started searching for my vases and I found a bunch online but none of them would've arrived in time. I went to homegoods and I found some similar vases from my inspiration picture. I grabbed 5 of them. Reached out to colonial florists, I use them a lot for work, I was pressed for time so I just had to go with it.. I sent him my inspiration photo, I dropped the vases off to him Wednesday, we agreed on a dozen pink roses for each vase and a bunch of white miniature roses to add fullness. We scheduled delivery for Saturday. I asked him to send me a pic after he completed one vase so that I could decide if we needed to add more roses. He sent me the pic on Friday around 7pm and when I saw it I instantly knew that I made the wrong decision. The roses were perfect but they weren't perfect with the vase. The white roses looked Ivory inside the true white & navy vase. I instantly texted back and told him we needed all pink roses but he told me it was too late 🥴

I was so annoyed, I just kept looking at the picture. The flowers were going to make the table.I needed them to be perfect. My daughter and sister told me not to worry,I would figure it out like I always do BUT

I spent the money I spent so that I wouldn’t have to figure it out. It was my birthday weekend I didn't want to figure it out.........but I didn't have a choice the dinner party was less than 24 hrs away. I got out my feelings and got it done, I went to dollar tree and grabbed 6 vases, then hobby lobby for gold spray paint. I've never spray painted glass before but it was super easy and it only took me 20 mins.

Check my instagram for the video of me spray painting the vases, I cant upload the vid for some reason.

Video below is after the glass vases were spray painted gold.

My sister came over and made the name plates while I spray painted the vases because I was literally running out of time & she's a pro on the cricut so I knew she would deliver exactly what I wanted.

Name plates.

I ordered clear acrylic name plates from amazon and we used the cricut to cut the names and add them to each acrylic plate. My bestie always haves them at all of her events and I just love em. It makes it more personable and serves as a super cute party favor.

So overall everything came together and it just worked out. It was perfect. The energy, the vibe, the drinks Sarina poured!. It was just a great night that I needed! Happy Birthday to me!

Mommies just know that we deserve great days ! Make yourself a priority, we spend

our days do things for work, for the children, our husband, and households WE have to spend time doing things for ourselves. I know that if i'm off then my whole house is off. I will continue to find time for me, I'll continue to create great memories, and I'll continue to show my children that if you put your mind to it you can create whatever view you want in life.

xoxoxoxoxox, until next time!

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Kylie's dresser make-over:

It was officially time for my oldest daughter Kyla's room to get a makeover. Her bed was about 4 years old and some of the décor was from when she was 9 years old…. Shes 13 now so it's definitely time. I live for a good DIY home project so I was beyond excited to start transforming her room. 1st order of business: The dresser makeover

We both wanted all new everything for the room but we quickly realized with her expensive taste (not sure where she gets it from) the bill was going to be sky high. We started off by creating virtual visions boards. I love to do this because it gives everyone a visual of the looks, color scheme, & over all vibe that we're going for. I had Kyla start adding pictures of dressers that she was in love with. The dresser she fell in love with was a beautiful white dresser with gold hardware but the price tag was $1900! As I started to look for white dressers with gold hardware, all of the dressers that truly made my heart smile were expensive as heck. So I decided we would make her dresser & nightstand a DIY project.

I was skeptical at first because I recently painted my 6 year old daughters room and when I finished I told my husband I’m not painting another room… ever!! I'm just over it. Over how long it takes to prep, I'm over the process, I'm over getting paint in places it shouldn’t catch my drift. But I figured that painting a dresser should be super simple right? I mean it's just a dresser its not like its a whole room.

Side note/ Quick story: the old dressers were actually given to me by an old co-worker. At our old home kyla's dressers were in her closet so I really didn’t care how they looked. When I decided to re-do her room I noticed that while the dressers definitely look outdated they were in great condition, so I knew they would come out exactly how I wanted them to.

Items used

1) Small sand block (didnt really use)

2)Paint: Valspar cabinet & furniture oil enriched enamel (ultra white/tint base 1) 740150

3)Varathane ultimate polyurethane oil based (clear semi gloss)

4)Clear sheet of plastic (not pictured)

5)Paint brush (not picture)

Disclaimer: I used the sand block on the top of the large dresser for like 5 seconds, I didn’t see a difference & I was super thirsty to paint so I just started…

Kyla removed all the hardware from the dresser & I started to paint. Kyla painted the drawers and I painted the body of the dresser. We did a total of three coats. We did the same process with the night stand. My advice is that you should keep glancing at the area you previously painted to make sure there isn't any paint dripping. You don't want the paint to dry mid drip (if that makes sense) lol.

The process was simple, we painted it exactly how we wanted it to look. We made sure to paint in the same direction and made sure the paint was painted evenly. Once we were completely done and the paint was completely dry, we started adding small décor pieces to the dresser, my two year old grabbed one of the items and dragged it across the dresser and there was a huge scratch. Then I put a tray on the large dresser and when I went to move it there was another scratch. I quickly painted over the scratches and the next day I was back at Lowes lol.

I told them that I had just painted a wood dresser white (of course I had to show them the picture) and needed something to protect it. They pointed me in the direction of Varathane ultimate polyurethane oil based (clear semi gloss). This product gets painted over your finished project, it protects your paint job and it's also scratch resistant. It comes in a few different stains but I decided to go with the semi gloss. This product is a clear liquid that you have to paint on. As soon as I painted it on I quickly saw the difference, my dressers went from nice to niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Now the dressers are shiny and protected from all the little people in my house that don’t really value things like dressers.

Over all it took about one hour & 30 minutes to paint the dresser and 15/ 20 mins to add the additional coats. I'm beyond happy with the process and now I cant wait to paint the cabinets & update the hardware in 3 of our bathrooms. I know I have to pace myself....... one project at a time, still be a wife, still be a mom but these projects excite me and seeing the transformation unfold is truly rewarding. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and were going to be in the house most of the time I want all my kids to really enjoy their space

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures of this process be sure to visit my IG page @diymommyblog_ for videos of the process.

Room update:

the room is basically done we just need to add one more picture, get some blinds & decide on a rug, well we've already decided I’m just not ready to pay $259 for a rug. I guess these are Home décor problems.

Until next time.. xoxoxoxoxo

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Here are the deets for the sweet treats I prepared for my family the weekend of July 4th. Super easy, simple & cheap! I literally looked on Pinterest with the kids and we decided on three.

All three treats are perfect if your are hosting and want a display that looks as good as it tastes. All three treats are also perfect if your family is like mines and love to snack all day! I was super excited about bringing this creation to life because I knew it would look nice, it was budget friendly, & easy to prepare!! I also personalized the pails to match the theme. Hope you enjoy!

Starmelons & Berries

Items used

Red display tray: Dollar tree

Watermelon, blue berries, bamboo skewers: Giant eagle

blue pail: Dollar tree

Star cutter: Amazon

Styrofoam vase insert: Walmart

I started with attempting to cut the watermelon, I quickly realized that we need to invest in some good knifes (grown up problems)! Anywho, I cut the watermelon in circular slices so that the stars were thick enough to form a good looking star.(cutting the watermelon was definitely the most time consuming part. After the watermelon was cut I used the star cutter to cut out the stars, added berries to the skewers and put the star on top & then repeated about 15x

Berries & white chocolate tray

Items used


Blue berries

White chocolate pretzels

Display tray: Dollar tree

Red pail: Dollar tree

This display is super simple. Once you cut you the strawberries all you have to do is make rows of strawberries & pretzels to your liking the length of the tray. I played around with it a few times to get the look I was going for. I definitely think if I would have took my time and made sure the strawberries were cut at more of an angle the rows would have been straighter. I decided to place the red pail in the corner to separate the berries.

Smore Bar

Items used


Graham crackers

Hershey chocolate bars

blue & red pails: Dollar tree

display tray: Dollar tree

My oldest daughter put this display together. All she had to do was place the marshmallows on the skewers, break the graham crackers & full size Hershey bars in half and place them neatly inside the display tray.

Finished product! I placed everything outside and let the kids be kids!

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