DIY Dresser makeover

Kylie's dresser make-over:

It was officially time for my oldest daughter Kyla's room to get a makeover. Her bed was about 4 years old and some of the décor was from when she was 9 years old…. Shes 13 now so it's definitely time. I live for a good DIY home project so I was beyond excited to start transforming her room. 1st order of business: The dresser makeover

We both wanted all new everything for the room but we quickly realized with her expensive taste (not sure where she gets it from) the bill was going to be sky high. We started off by creating virtual visions boards. I love to do this because it gives everyone a visual of the looks, color scheme, & over all vibe that we're going for. I had Kyla start adding pictures of dressers that she was in love with. The dresser she fell in love with was a beautiful white dresser with gold hardware but the price tag was $1900! As I started to look for white dressers with gold hardware, all of the dressers that truly made my heart smile were expensive as heck. So I decided we would make her dresser & nightstand a DIY project.

I was skeptical at first because I recently painted my 6 year old daughters room and when I finished I told my husband I’m not painting another room… ever!! I'm just over it. Over how long it takes to prep, I'm over the process, I'm over getting paint in places it shouldn’t catch my drift. But I figured that painting a dresser should be super simple right? I mean it's just a dresser its not like its a whole room.

Side note/ Quick story: the old dressers were actually given to me by an old co-worker. At our old home kyla's dressers were in her closet so I really didn’t care how they looked. When I decided to re-do her room I noticed that while the dressers definitely look outdated they were in great condition, so I knew they would come out exactly how I wanted them to.

Items used

1) Small sand block (didnt really use)

2)Paint: Valspar cabinet & furniture oil enriched enamel (ultra white/tint base 1) 740150

3)Varathane ultimate polyurethane oil based (clear semi gloss)

4)Clear sheet of plastic (not pictured)

5)Paint brush (not picture)


Disclaimer: I used the sand block on the top of the large dresser for like 5 seconds, I didn’t see a difference & I was super thirsty to paint so I just started…

Kyla removed all the hardware from the dresser & I started to paint. Kyla painted the drawers and I painted the body of the dresser. We did a total of three coats. We did the same process with the night stand. My advice is that you should keep glancing at the area you previously painted to make sure there isn't any paint dripping. You don't want the paint to dry mid drip (if that makes sense) lol.

The process was simple, we painted it exactly how we wanted it to look. We made sure to paint in the same direction and made sure the paint was painted evenly. Once we were completely done and the paint was completely dry, we started adding small décor pieces to the dresser, my two year old grabbed one of the items and dragged it across the dresser and there was a huge scratch. Then I put a tray on the large dresser and when I went to move it there was another scratch. I quickly painted over the scratches and the next day I was back at Lowes lol.

I told them that I had just painted a wood dresser white (of course I had to show them the picture) and needed something to protect it. They pointed me in the direction of Varathane ultimate polyurethane oil based (clear semi gloss). This product gets painted over your finished project, it protects your paint job and it's also scratch resistant. It comes in a few different stains but I decided to go with the semi gloss. This product is a clear liquid that you have to paint on. As soon as I painted it on I quickly saw the difference, my dressers went from nice to niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Now the dressers are shiny and protected from all the little people in my house that don’t really value things like dressers.

Over all it took about one hour & 30 minutes to paint the dresser and 15/ 20 mins to add the additional coats. I'm beyond happy with the process and now I cant wait to paint the cabinets & update the hardware in 3 of our bathrooms. I know I have to pace myself....... one project at a time, still be a wife, still be a mom but these projects excite me and seeing the transformation unfold is truly rewarding. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and were going to be in the house most of the time I want all my kids to really enjoy their space


Hope you enjoyed all the pictures of this process be sure to visit my IG page @diymommyblog_ for videos of the process.

Room update:

the room is basically done we just need to add one more picture, get some blinds & decide on a rug, well we've already decided I’m just not ready to pay $259 for a rug. I guess these are Home décor problems.

Until next time.. xoxoxoxoxo

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