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Kylie's room MAKEOVER

Before I get into the details I want to say THANKYOU! I truly appreciate all of my subscribers from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your patience, for following me on social media (even though it’s a struggle to post consistently. Lol) & thank you for all the love & positivity you send me on a daily basis ….

2020 has been rough, but October/ November?!!! Rough, rough.... I had a few health scares that really had me in my head. I got sick and literally could not get out the bed...... no it wasn't covid. lol but it was bad. I had to listen to my body and sit still, which is so hard for me. The timing of me getting sick was just inconvenient! Inconvenient as shit! My bonus son (my love Braylon) has moved in with us fulltime so we now have 4 kids in the house.... 4 kids between 2-15 at all times :), always a party annnnnnnnnnd we are currently adding a room and bathroom to the unfinished section of our basement to make sure he's comfortable just like the other 3 kids in this house.

On top of all that November is always just a busy month for my family. Kyla turned 14 on 11/7 . Tim & I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on 11/14 . I was trying to figure out a covid Thanksgiving while thinking of Christmas décor, family Christmas photos & Christmas gifts! And I get sick????| But I'm bizzzack and I got's stuff to do and I'm ready to get to it! LOL

** This is me, always a million things going on, but honestly its all I know. It’s what I’m use to. It’s my norm. With ALLLLLLL that being said, your support motivates me to keep sharing all the stuff that lights my soul on fire. So thanks a ton, this blog helps me be Amber even while wearing many different hats. **

Anywho let’s get to it. Kyla’s room makeover turned out super clean, girly, airy, & most of all peaceful….all the vibes we were going for. This project was super easy because Kyla respects my visions enough to just go with the flow. She'll definitely tell me if she doesn’t like something, but it got to a point where I asked her if she liked something and her response was “mom just keep going, I like everything you’re doing” 😊 (say less sis) !!! Side note: My 6 year old would never EVER say that to me, I’m currently trying to convivence her why we shouldn’t paint her room black 😐

We started this project like we start all our home & life projects. Wrote out what we wanted to do. Researched the items we wanted. Came up with a plan, and stuck to it. Did everything go perfectly???… no!, but at my age I truly understand & respect that good things take time, we must go through the process with everything in life. My husband and I are teaching our household that we have to be patient with the things we really want, & this room was one of those things.

We started with the bed that we both fell in love with. If

you REALLY read my blogs you will quickly understand my love for

Side note: When I buy anything online I’m searching based on the reviews. I read a lot of reviews and look at ALL the customer pictures (I have my husband to thank for that). We almost went with the pink version of this bed but all the review pictures showed a lavender bed not pink . So my advice is to always read the reviews before you make any purchase online, big or small. As you can see the bed averaged a 4.6review score with over 8k views.

The bed was very popular in June, I ordered the bed 4 different times. The first 3 times I received an email saying that the bed had sold out & my payment was applied back to my credit card. So we waited, and waited, and waited until it was available. Definitely worth the wait. Once the bed was ordered we decided on a light gray paint, light grey is a soft color & I knew it would create a calm, airy, zen like atmosphere that my baby NEEDS for 2020.

Once we had the bed ordered and room painted the room makeover turned into a lot of small DIY projects. We painted her dresser, nightstand & corner desk white and added gold hardware. We also gave her white bookshelf a facelift by adding fun stencil prints using the Cricut.

Nightstand: Before & After

Dresser & corner desk: Before & After

Bookshelf: Before & After

My two favorite pieces:

  • light fixture: Ikea

  • leopard pillow: Etsy

The list of all the items used for the room are listed below. Most items were purchased online. Small décor pieces came from TJ Maxx, Homegoods, At Home, Big Lots & Hobby Lobby

  • Comforter: Amazon

  • Curtains:

  • Dresser hardware:

  • Bed:

  • Pictures: 2 of them were DIY projects (cricut made) all other pics came from Hobby Lobby (good ole 50% off)

  • Rug:

  • Throw pillows: At home & Home goods

  • Desk lamp: Big Lots

  • Printed throw: Home goods

The pictures look great but the lasting memories we created are even greater. I pride myself in showing all my children that they can create any view they want in life if they are willing to make a plan, write it out and put in the work.

My note to Kyla: Kylie you’re so amazing, gentle & kind hearted. I hope that every time you walk in your room you feel peace & balance!! Always remember that being brave is doin exactly what YOU want to do no matter what anyone else thinks. Always be BRAVE

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Mommy

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