Sunny Saturday

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

2020 has been draining! Not just a little bit but a lotta bit! Every time I look at the news or scroll through my social media feed its like an instant dark cloud comes over me. On this particular Saturday, I turned off my phone and soaked up some sunshine from my family.

Sunshine on a Saturday for me is sleeping in late, eating brunch @ 1 pm and creating something beautiful with my six year old daughter. We decided to eat lunch on the patio (classic cold cut ham sandwich & a good ole bag of lays potato chips) but we needed the perfect view because ya know eating at a restaurant is a thing of the past.

We wanted wanted a color scheme that was light, bright & happy.

Items used include:

  • Oranges, lemons & limes

  • Bouquet of assorted flowers: Kearns florist

  • Bouquet of daisies: Acme supermarket

  • Rose gold pitcher & glasses: Home goods

  • White pitcher (served as flower vase): Home goods

  • White serving dish: Neil Leeson decor floral

  • Black serving tray:

This was our perfect view while we ate, soaked up the sun and had some belly laughs. Even when lifes view isn't so sunny it's up to you to create the perfect view for yourself and your family. What do you other mommy's do to bring the sunshine to your family when life gets cloudy?

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