Merrry Christmas from our family to yours!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! I live for a great photo especially a great family photo. With all the madness of 2020, I needed our Christmas photos to be a good memory for the whole family. I needed the pictures to be ones we stare at for long periods of time and instantly feel warm and fussy inside. Through everything that has happened this year these photos remind me of my WHY. These photos remind me that even if the world never goes back to normal the Brooks family will stand strong, we will stay focused, we will trust god....and we're going to look good while doing it (most of the time) :)

Honestly I’m just glad to see everyone dressed dressed. With the kids doing remote learning, hubby working from home, and the world basically closed, no-one has a reason to get dressed. Welp, this past Sunday I gave them a reason, and I must say, in the most humble way.... we look damn good as a unit.

Anyone with a large family knows the struggle is oh so real to get everyone to co-operate for a picture. My husband said, with the hundreds of photos that were taken, at least one person managed to sabotage every single picture. LOL With ALL the different personalities in this house I truly understand that not capturing the perfect photo is the prefect photo for us. With the toddler almost getting kicked out of the photos, to the 6 year old refusing to smile because she just lost her front tooth, these pictures show everyone’s true personality.

The picture below was the exact moment that TJ was about to get kicked out of the photo's. How can such a tiny emotional creature that can't even talk have complete control of every person in this picture.

So let’s get to it.

I knew I wanted our pictures to be all black formal wear. The household was split, 3 people had stuff in their closet to wear, the other three had nothing. So I had to figure out what to get for Braylon, Kyla & TJ. We ended up renting Braylon a suit from Mayatux, I ordered Kyla a sparkly dress from forever21 & I found TJ a cheap little suit on

So now I go through my mental checklist..... wardrobe complete, My husband is a part-time photographer so we have the person & equipment to take the photos. Now I just needed to create the scene.

****Side note***A lot of rooms in my house are under construction. I don’t believe in buying a bunch of stuff at once praying it all looks right, I literally buy a few things and stare at the room for long periods of time until I figure out the next item I need. The living room is one of "those" rooms so I figured it would be easy to push a few items out the way to capture our photos.

I figured the blue loveseat in the living room would fit the look of the pictures (even though it wasn't one of the traditional Christmas colors) I then got a few cardboard boxes from work (that we would normally throw out) & used them for the gifts in the picture. I knew that with the couch being blue and silver, wardrobe being black n white, I thought the best color for wrapping paper would be silver with black ribbon.

One of my employees wife wraps gifts super good so I was able to have her wrap the gifts for me. Now on to the back drop..... well I thought we were going to use an all white backdrop but it was too small..... annnnnnand I didn’t test it out till the day of (yea procrastinating is something I’m working on) So I had to think fast, My family was prepared to take photos and I couldn’t tell them pictures weren't going to happen because I never took the time to make sure the back drop fit???! Nope wasn't gonna happen, so I decided to use the curtains from our master bedroom as the backdrop. I’m obsessed with theses curtains by the way, and they’re from my go to place The curtains are grey and white so they fit the color scheme, & once I hung them I instantly knew that using them as the backdrop looked so much better than just using an all white backdrop.

I then moved the sofa, rug, & coffee table to the other side of the room so that they weren't visible for the pictures. I Placed white paper (we used for a previous photo session) on the floor so that the wood floors wouldn’t show. Moved the sofa unto the white paper in front of the backdrop. & finally placed my wrapped gifts in front of the couch and added a few traditional holiday poinsettia's to complete the simple formal look I wanted.

I say all that to say, our homes have so much décor in them anyone can create the perfect set up to accomplish family photos. If you need help getting creative go to Pinterest or watch Youtube. Taking the time to learn how to make fancy bows is definitely on my to do list now. I would love having some fancy looking gifts around the Xmas tree during the holiday season & it would be cool to walk in birthday parties with a bomb wrapped gift! It’s all about the presentation people. LOL

Items used:

  • blue love seat

  • 3 curtain panels

  • adjustable background stand

  • photography back drop paper

  • 4 gift wrapped cardboard boxes

  • 2 small poinsettia's

  • Brooks party of 6

Welp that was all the details from our living room Christmas photo shoot. Hope you guys enjoyed!!!

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, until next time

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