Sweet Treats

Here are the deets for the sweet treats I prepared for my family the weekend of July 4th. Super easy, simple & cheap! I literally looked on Pinterest with the kids and we decided on three.

All three treats are perfect if your are hosting and want a display that looks as good as it tastes. All three treats are also perfect if your family is like mines and love to snack all day! I was super excited about bringing this creation to life because I knew it would look nice, it was budget friendly, & easy to prepare!! I also personalized the pails to match the theme. Hope you enjoy!


Starmelons & Berries

Items used

Red display tray: Dollar tree

Watermelon, blue berries, bamboo skewers: Giant eagle

blue pail: Dollar tree

Star cutter: Amazon

Styrofoam vase insert: Walmart

I started with attempting to cut the watermelon, I quickly realized that we need to invest in some good knifes (grown up problems)! Anywho, I cut the watermelon in circular slices so that the stars were thick enough to form a good looking star.(cutting the watermelon was definitely the most time consuming part. After the watermelon was cut I used the star cutter to cut out the stars, added berries to the skewers and put the star on top & then repeated about 15x


Berries & white chocolate tray

Items used


Blue berries

White chocolate pretzels

Display tray: Dollar tree

Red pail: Dollar tree

This display is super simple. Once you cut you the strawberries all you have to do is make rows of strawberries & pretzels to your liking the length of the tray. I played around with it a few times to get the look I was going for. I definitely think if I would have took my time and made sure the strawberries were cut at more of an angle the rows would have been straighter. I decided to place the red pail in the corner to separate the berries.

Smore Bar


Items used


Graham crackers

Hershey chocolate bars

blue & red pails: Dollar tree

display tray: Dollar tree

My oldest daughter put this display together. All she had to do was place the marshmallows on the skewers, break the graham crackers & full size Hershey bars in half and place them neatly inside the display tray.

Finished product! I placed everything outside and let the kids be kids!

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